Lemon Tree Lane Kitchen

About Us

Famiglia e Ciba... Familie en Eten... Italian and Dutch words for Family and Food. My heritage. "Lemon Tree Lane Kitchen" was born out of my deep love for Family and Food. Being a combination of Italian and Dutch, I was taught by great cooks on both sides of my family. I always like to say that I was raised on Olive Oil & Butter!

My Paternal Grandmother, Oma, was an incredible maker of Soups and Dutch Kroketten, and I have her to thank for passing on that talent to me. My Mother's sister, Aunt Doll (as we called her), proved with every dish, that a huge, state of the art kitchen is not necessary at all for creating fabulous food. When I think of the culinary creations that came out of her teensy, tiny kitchen, and the 20 people crammed around the table waiting for them, it brings tears to my eyes.

I think of how my cousins, siblings, and myself grew up in a family where on both the Italian & Dutch side, each generation was taught by the previous one, and it was constantly told to us how important it is to keep these traditional dishes in our family, and of course....DON'T EVER GIVE OUT THE FAMILY RECIPES!!! The memories that were made truly have shaped and created myself and this business.

Owner and happy cook, Heidi Mellon, offers a wide variety of delicious, homemade food for her customers. She believes very strongly in supporting local organic farmers, and has been doing so for the 20+ years that she has had her catering business. "Good food makes people Happy & makes wonderful Memories."

Lots of Love & Butter! -Heidi