At Lemon Tree Lane Kitchen, we believe food is love. Many of our fondest family memories were made in the kitchen. Get inspired to create wonderful memories of your own with our 'Recipes' page, which features some of our absolute favorite dishes! We've also created 'Heidi's Leftovers' to be your go-to resource for fun, out-of-the-box ways to turn leftover meals into something new and delicious. Be sure to peruse 'Market News' for the latest on what Lemon Tree Lane Kitchen products you can find at the farmer's markets. Last but not least, stop by 'Reminisce' to share your favorite food memories, stories and photos!

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I LOVE LEMONS! They are a part of my everyday life.

There are so many ways to use these scrumptious, bright jewels……in fact, I’m counting the ways…

The name Lemon Tree Lane Kitchen was inspired by the love of lemons!

There are endless, amazing uses for this magnificent citrus fruit.

Lemon Tree Lane Kitchen - Allentown, PA
Made in the USA by Cliff Ross